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Jagua Gel 1 Oz tattoo kit

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Our 1 Oz. tattoo kit of Jagua Gel gives you the power to create temporary but real looking tattoos that can last between one week and one month, depending on your skin type. 

Jagua gel is 100% natural and derived from the Jagua fruit tree found in South America, Not only is the main ingredient in the gel 100% pure Jagua juice but the other ingredients are also natural and most of them can be found in many food items.

The colour of a Jagua tattoo can vary from a deep black to a milder black with blue undertones, just like the colour of a permanent tattoo.



  • Secure all clothing away from the area to be tattooed and clean the skin
  • Using an appropriate sized needle and a steady hand, apply the Jagua to the skin. Be sure to clean up any mistakes immediately with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip.
  • Let the gel sit undisturbed on the skin for at least 2 hours.
  • Peel the dried gel from the skin and wash the area with warm soapy water. This is essential to keep any remaining Jagua from transferring to clothing or other parts of the body.
  • At this point, the temporary tattoo is just a grey shadow. It will develop over time and in 12 hours will be a beautiful blue/black colour that may continue to darken for another 24 hours.

Jagua gel stains easily and rapidly - we recommend wearing gloves when applying to reduce unwanted stains.

Keep in the freezer prior to use. Once opened, storing the remainder Jagua gel ink in the freezer will extend the Jagua stain for up to one year.